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  • Patrick Brennan

Every Movement Has A Purpose. Building an Iconic Logo For My Primal Movment.

Building a rebellious healthy brand, fit for global competition. My Primal Movement is a personal brand founded in 2018 with the mission to empower and facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle by creating the purest, most robust, and most vibrant lives possible through a connection and understanding of a primal lifestyle.

In a highly competitive and saturated market, My Primal Movement needed to create an unmistakable iconic logo and a distinct brand voice to build a brand strategy and identity that would rightly distinguish it from the rest of the crowded fitness marketplace. We created a brand platform, which establishes standards from brand messaging to visual design and content production, inspired by the brand’s authentic human aspirations.


Research into the movement industry, with a focus on primal heritage, provided insight into My Primal Movements competitors and the market in general. It quickly became apparent that there was a two-fold challenge. The awareness around the "Primal" concept was niche and limited. Yet within the higher category of "exercise", the competition is abundant. It was immediately clear that our main focus needed to be the "primal" aware audience that consisted mostly of men between 22 and 44. A laser focused niche demographic had to be the foundation of the brand building. This group is more likely to engage with brands who understand them as multi-layered beings who balance their lives with successful careers, strong family values, and personal activities. If a brand supports their principles and everyday life, they have no problem joining the brand's movement. The second stage of building My Primal Movement is about reaching outside of the current "primal" community to draw in supporters of other exercise modalities.

Phase 1 Logo Approach

Now certain of our primary audience and their expectations, we needed to create a strong iconic logo. Creating an iconic logo multi-purpose logo is always a significant challenge, but in this case, it wasn't enough. We wanted a logo with layers of symbolism. The imagery we created is simple and at the same time complex, similar to the movement modality it represents.

The strong six-sided shield is adorned with a geometric P which upon the first review appears to have a defect in the lower right side. Further investigation will reveal a flexing bicep made from the negative space of the logo. The layers of symbolism within the logo continue with the number six itself is a symbol of completeness. The Pythagoreans recognized the number 6 to be the first perfect number.

This simple and powerful logo thoughtfully encompasses the brand's essential DNA, and visual elements and color pallet resonated extremely well with the target audience.

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