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  • Patrick Brennan

Expanding LOKI The Outdoor Brand That is Changing Outdoor Gear

On a bitterly cold morning in September of 1990, the Anderson brothers started their ascent of Mount Sneffels. As the brothers climbed, they found themselves adjusting their gear when the Colorado weather shifted, warmed, and then finally shifted once again to a near-blizzard as the pair reached the summit.

Almost as soon as the brothers started their Sneffels descent, they began dreaming up LOKI a product line that would change the world by changing with the weather.

Understanding the LOKI consumer to help define opportunities

Getting to know the LOKI's ecosystem. Our research showed us that LOKI's brand identity is currently solidly rooted in product innovation and product versatility. LOKI has built its reputation on Colorado's Western Slope by creating outdoor gear that adjusts to the ever shifting weather. Like Loki, a shape-changing god of Mischief in Scandinavian mythology, LOKI's flagship products change their appearance to suit any condition.

LOKI's award-winning ever-expanding product line that uniquely bounces between technical and outdoor-leisure has found its share of die-hard fans. Knowing all of this, the key focus of any LOKI brand initiative must be discovering new growth potential and brand reach by inspiring new consumers to explore the brand without alienating the current core consumer base.

This brief reviews the opportunity to define a web strategy capable of translating LOKI's incredible product capabilities and in-store customer experience to an online environment, as well as truly sharing LOKI's brand personality through an updated visual language that more clearly celebrates LOKI's creative DNA.

Approaching LOKI's Current Opportunities in November of 2019. 

We identified two primary opportunities:

#1) We see an opportunity for the LOKI brand to refine and align itself through their digital communication. Because LOKI is more than just a clothing brand, we believe the social content needs to do more than just sell a product, it needs to stand for something. By focusing on a product-centric, brand-driven user experience, we know LOKI can benefit from creating outward communication with the intention of building an emotional connection that bridges the gap between LOKI, it's core customer base, and a new ever-expanding audience. We suggest building an updated visual language that celebrates LOKI's creative DNA by pushing all consumer-facing communication ever forward towards the most accurate representation of LOKI's visual beauty and brand personality. We identify the primary social opportunity as a refined focus on content consistent with the creative personalities and commitment to innovation that make LOKI what is is today, and suggest putting an emphasis on synchronizing the social brand experience so that it harmonizes with product innovation and LOKI's incredible founding story. We identify a benefit from a push towards a visual language more heavily rooted in LOKI's progressive, outdoor, shapeshifting roots. A strong mix of content that is graphic-heavy and visually dynamic, offering clear visual language that reflects LOKI's versatility across individual product lines intermixed with graphic-light visually static images of LOKI products in the 'wild' are primary

areas of encouraged focus for LOKI's forward social content strategy.

#2) Our second identified opportunity is digitally & delightfully recreating the personality of an in-store LOKI shopping experience. The existing platform provides users with a functional and straightforward e commerce site. Our forward concept would focus on optimizing online interactions through a more immersive expression of the LOKI brand personality. We believe the primary focus should be creating an online branded experience that is as rich in product content and as fun to explore as opening the door on 445 Colorado Ave.

During our initial analysis, we identified an opportunity to create a more appealing digital shopping platform that would allow for an in-depth product experience with a stronger ability to demonstrate the incredible versatility of the LOKI brand flagship items. We believe that each of LOKI's flagship products has a story to tell consumers and thus that there is an opportunity to open the visual interface for more exploration. Furthermore we believe that finding ways to directly push consumers towards the products they are seeking and directing them towards dedicated product pages that are rich and full of content capable of telling each product story in a way that will increase conversion rates would dramatically elevate brand recognition.

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