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  • Patrick Brennan

Re-Branding Just Sports Through New Creative Messaging and Implemention of an eCommerce Platform.

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Just Sports

As a brand Just Sports was missing an actionable identity. They had established a dominant footprint in the Phoenix metropolitan area and had gained market share over the years, by simply being where sports fans shopped, but they had done so without having a memorable brand story.  They had relied on their partner vendors for all creative and they served a need, solely as a retail outlet, where local fans could pick up their team’s gear. 5th & Arcadia was tasked with identifying, creating and communicating a tangible brand story that consumers, could identify, associate with and recall, while also building and implementing Just Sports’ first ever eCommerce experience. An experience that resonates with consumers at anytime.


After 20 years of just being, Just Sports needed to become.  They needed to become known for their product, known for their brand, known for their story and known for separating themselves from the national competition by focusing on their local heritage. They needed to reach new demographics, build consumer loyalty and create a relatable identity.  Facing a history of being a faceless retailer, another “sports” store in the mall, where fans could get their Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Era team products, Just Sports was not only in a competitive, consolidating industry, but also without an eCommerce platform or strong, recallable brand identity.  They needed to communicate their identity and meet the online consumers needs with a clean, user friendly online shopping experience.


Our goal was to create, design and implement a social media strategy and cohesive online shopping platform aimed to attract, inspire and capture the consumer.  Leaving the consumer with a clear understanding of the newfound identify of Just Sports, a local, exclusive, premier licensed sports destination, for the authentic fan.

In order to communicate the Just Sports brand identity a consistent messaging strategy needed to be adopted.  Consistency in messaging, consistency in product displays and visuals, consistency in shopping experience and consistency in brand standards, something that had never been established, at Just Sports.

We first went to work building a framework for brand standards; design, content, messaging and imagery.  Creating templates for every form of messaging that would be available to consumers. Next we evaluated and implemented standards as to how the visual story of the brand would be shared via their existing social media platforms.  Traditionally content was messy, inconsistent, and lacked impact.

Just Sports Bad marketing Images From Instagram
Previous Content Had No Emotion

We re-invigorating the company’s product imagery, and collaborated with crucial vendor partners on exclusive, limited edition product releases. The next step was to strategically time social media posts to correlate with crucial vendor product releases and events to obtain maximum exposure.  Using uniquely planned and crafted visuals we created captivating content and intriguing imagery that exposed and communicated the Just Sports story through unique, impactful product - Just Sports, a local, exclusive, premier licensed sports destination, for the authentic fan.

Just Sports Updated Marketing Images
Upgraded Imagery Allowed The Brand To Tell A Captivating Visual Story

We then worked closely with Just Sports internal teams to develop an eCommerce presence that took advantage of the rejuvenated interested in the brand based around the unique social posts and product releases.  The eCommerce site took a progressive approach to offer exclusive product to the passionate fan culture. We created a new self branded category of product "Just Sports Exclusives." This new shopping category offered a way to express unique product offerings to a more tightly connected fan base seeking the next big Just Sports product release.  This for the first time in 20 years offered Just Sports the opportunity to Highlight, the unique vendor collaborations that separated Just Sports from other retailer's offerings to Phoenix fans.


The resulting combination gave Just Sports its first-ever global eCommerce platform grounded in a framework that’s flexible across  Men's, Women's, and Youth products. The platform speaks to a casual audience while providing multiple merchandising opportunities, strong featured product presentation, contextual content pathways, elevated photography standards, and a more engaging brand experience highlighting unique and special product offerings.

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