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  • Patrick Brennan

Integrate Seamless eCommerce Experience Where Phoenix Suns Fans Can Shop and Explore.

Updated: Aug 23, 2018 Fan-Driven eCommerce

When our partner Just Sports signed an agreement to handle the Phoenix Suns retail operations they needed to quickly build an eCommerce solution that would integrate into the Phoenix Suns website seamlessly. The Phoenix Suns brand and personality were central to this project, so the eCommerce experience had to be similarly brand-driven and flawlessly integrated. The site framework focuses on the Suns brand and fan audience's connection through product features and relatable fan content.


Without a lot of time, and with Just Sports not having any previous eCommerce experience we needed to create a site that was quickly capable of nesting into, matching the Phoenix Suns NBA brand DNA, and provide a comfortable backend user experience for Just Sports. At the same time, we needed a website that showcased both the offline and online shopping experience so that the overall retail footprint could grow and elevate its volume through a digital platform and brick and mortar presence.


Our concept focused on optimizing social interactions, and leveraging connected content into an onsite dynamic layout, which matched the overall brand of while providing visually rich content that would be fun for Phoenix Suns fans to explore. Through our exploratory research, we found that Phoenix Suns fans were very active online exploring and researching team-related content via organic searches, social channels, advertising, and editorial content; they are tribally connected to the Phoenix team and embrace the notion of the local Phoenix pride. The current social content wasn't connecting to the target audience.

Old Content Wasn't Compelling, We Focused On Updated The Visual Standards Utilized On Social Media

As we developed the unique story around the release of the brand new Nike Phoenix Suns gear across various social channels, we had to adjust the visual targeting towards a unique demographic of buyers. The mix of legacy Phoenix Suns fans and a younger and more confident audience meant we had to address our visual offerings towards a diversly inclusive community. Our newly-defined strategic approach had to mirror the eCommerce platform and social media campaigns, which also had to blend with the Phoenix Suns current branding.


The resulting combination was a massive update and upgrade of building it into a world class global eCommerce platform grounded in a framework that showed off multiple categories of Men's, Women's, and Youth products and highlighted key items. The platform speaks to a locally connected fanatic audience. The contextual content pathways, elevated photography standards, and a more engaging brand experience are now used to highlight special eCommerce and brick and mortar product offerings. 

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