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  • Patrick Brennan

Elevating Sports Venture's Licensed Sports Stores to Greater Heights

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Sports Venture Inc. was founded in 1987 by a group of sports fans with a passion for offering fans the products they most wanted. They opened their first location in San Diego California, and quickly expanded into New Mexico, Texas, and Southern Arizona. By the late 1990's Sports Venture had expanded its Arizona presence into most Phoenix metro shopping malls. Over the next 10-years Sports Venture extended their retail footprint throughout the state of Arizona. As one of its primary brand development agencies, we teamed up with Sports Venture to help them reach new heights and develop a brand and message that could carry them past their current place in the market. We brought Sports Venture a new brand, refreshed their visuals, upgraded their communication standards, and offered them a platform to connect to a new millennial audience.

After researching Sports Venture's current market, we collaborated on aggressively developing a branding plan to meet their future ambition and created a strategy to build on their strong positioning while attracting a new audience. We felt that we could best achieve our goals by designing an immersive fan inspired brand that showcased how Sports Venture could grow their primary Just Sports brand and elevate their current digital platform. Our work may never be implemented due to changes at Sports Venture's leadership, but our intelligent visual messaging, creative concepts, brand standards, and strategic insights have been applied to the recent site updates and social media strategies across all channels of Sports Venture's Business.

Understanding the Current Sports Venture Consumer and Defining opportunities

We began the creative process by getting to know Sports Venture's current social ecosystem. Once we were familiar with their current offerings we went to work discovering new opportunities that could be utilized to reach and inspire new consumers without alienating their current customer base.

Due to our ongoing involvements across Sports Venture's Just Sports brand, eCommerce, and digital updates, we had a strong sense of what needed to be done to improve the future voice and messaging strategy for their multi-channel platform. We first built a web strategy, and eCommerce platform that seamlessly translated Just Sports physical customer experience into an online environment.

Once we'd addressed the immediate needs to update the social media messaging, and built a robust eCommerce solution we shifted our focus towards establishing a world class branding solution to carry the Sports Venture businesses into the next decade. Our challenge was to connect to a younger more brand aware audience, seeking premium product offerings without alienating the traditional Just Sports Customer base. Just Sport's own internal research had uncovered very little brand equity even though their business was locally dominate and decades old. We quickly identified that internal branding had never been a Sports Venture priority.

This became our foremost priority and we quickly went to work creating a concept that consumers would connect with. Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy an item, they join a brand and they want to feel connected. Legendary brands are simple, they are easy to understand and they impossible to forget.


Connecting to an authentic sports heritage, while refining a marketplace full of copycats isn't an easy task. Our approach for this project had to be unique, but the the through-line remained consistent: connecting authentic sports fans, athletes, and fashion-focused consumers to authentic products through authentic fan related messaging.

Knowing that we needed to stand out in a crowded market space, we focused on quality and authenticity in our visual messaging. Our primary audience would always be sports enthusiasts, and maintaining an authentic fan connection was our primary drive, but we also pursued an even greater task of evoking real emotion and connecting to a younger more confident demographic who doesn't want to just buy a product, they want to join brand's movement.

Our final strategy offered a total visual update reaching fans by highlighting a bold new approach, new eCommerce solution, and a completely redesigned brick and mortar presentation designed to capture the aspirations of sports and lifestyle consumers. From interactive retail installations to seasonal product campaigns and exclusive product launches, we worked collaboratively to build a cohesive upgraded brand experience across all key retail outlets including the partnership with the NBA's Phoenix Suns.

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